• Philly Codefest at Drexel University - April 14-15, 2018
    Drexel University, Daskalakis Athletic Center
    3301 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

April 14 Saturday

  • 8:30 – 10:00am Doors open, participant check-in, Breakfast Drexel DAC
  • 9:00-10:00 Team Building (For those without a team) Media Room & Coaches Room
  • 10:00am-11:00am Codefest Kick-Off
    • Welcome, Dr. Michelle Rogers, Associate Professor, CCI
    • Keynote Speaker – Det Ansinn, President and Founder of BrickSimple, LLC
    • Codefest Challenges
    • Codefest Rules and Prizes DAC Basketball Court
  • 11:00am-12:00pm Coding Begins/Additional Team Building Media Room & Coaches Room
  • 12:00pm Lunch DAC South Court
    1:30pm Cox Automotive – “The Five Developers You Don’t Want to Be” Coaches Room
  • 1:30pm Google Workshop – Into into Design Thinking Media Room
  • 2:00-4:00pm Codefest Technology Showcase – BrickSimple, LLC Hazem Hospitality Suite
  • 2:00pm SAP – “SAP STAR Program Student Experience” Media Room
  • 2:30pm American Water Challenge Workshop Coaches Room
  • 3:00pm JPMorgan Chase Workshop – “Lean and Agile” Media Room
  • 4:00pm Philly Codefest Game Room, sponsored by Cerner DAC South Court
  • 4:00pm How to Win Codefest! Hear from 2017 winning team Safe Travels Coaches Room
  • 5:00pm Dinner DAC South Court
  • 6:00pm Deadline for teams to register on Devpost to notify judges of problem statement and official team members
  • 6:00pm Cyber Dragons – Capture the “Flag” Coaches Room
  • 6:30pm Human Factors (HFVS) – Connecting the Dots, Human Factors and Student Work Media Room
  • 7:00pm Philly Codefest Game Night Tournament – Mario Kart 8 Cerner Game Room
  • 7:30pm Developers Wanted – Work for CCI Software Development Coaches Room
  • 8:00pm “Get Involved” – Learn how to become part of the Codefest organizing team Media Room
  • 10:00pm Philly Codefest Game Night Tournament – Just Dance 2018 Cerner Game Room
  • 11:00 Late Night Snack DAC South Court

April 15 Sunday

  • 12:00am-12:00pm Coding Continues DAC Basketball Court
  • 7:30am Breakfast DAC South Court
  • 12:00pm Coding Ends!
  • 12:00pm Lunch & Demo Fair Setup DAC South Court
  • 1:00pm-3:00pm Philly Codefest Demo Fair Judging DAC Basketball Court
  • 3:00pm-4:00pm Codefest Audience Choice Voting & Networking DAC Basketball Court
  • 4:00pm-5:00pm Codefest Closing Ceremony & Award Announcements DAC Basketball Court

Presented this year by the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) and CCI Corporate Partner BrickSimple, Philly Codefest is a free software and hardware hackathon that encourages students and professionals from all experience levels and backgrounds to work together to develop innovative solutions to help solve real world challenges.

Philly Codefest is a free software and hardware hackathon that is open to anyone. No coding experience is necessary – just bring your creativity!

The theme for Philly Codefest 2018, computing for social good, encourages participants to develop novel applications and tools to impact a variety of challenges affecting the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

Attendees will form teams to work on projects, and then will present their final creations to a panel of judges – comprised of Drexel faculty, sponsors and respected members of the Philadelphia tech community – for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Codefest’s mission, to make the world a better place through technology, echoes CCI’s commitment to forge and foster lasting relationships among students, professionals, tech leaders, start-ups and corporations. The annual hackathon leverages the already strong tech community in the Greater Philadelphia area to create one of the largest and most dynamic hackathons in the region.

Since launching in 2013, Codefest has welcomed hundreds of software and hardware hackers – made up of professionals, educators, and students alike – to Drexel University’s University City campus in Philadelphia each year.

One of CCI’s signature annual events, Codefest continues to grow, attracting new participants and partners. “Codefest is a great opportunity to not only showcase the talent and creativity of our exceptional and innovative CCI students, but also to bring together students and professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who are all interested in technology and driven to make our world a better place,” says Dean and Isaac L. Auerbach Professor Yi Deng, PhD.

In 2017, Codefest welcomed more than 400 attendees. With a new space, Drexel’s expansive Dakalakis Athletic Center, CCI aims to make this year’s hackathon the largest ever. Codefest 2018 will kick off with a keynote speech from Drexel alumnus Det Ansinn, President and Founder of BrickSimple.


All teams must enter a submission for their hack on the 2018 Philly Codefest Devpost Site (https://phillycodefest2018.devpost.com/).  To create a submission you must create a Devpost account and you must register for Philly Codefest 2018. Teams that do not have a submission created by Saturday at 6pm will be disqualified, there will be no exceptions.  You can continue to update your submission until Sunday at noon.  However, you must create a submission before 6pm on Saturday or your hack will not be judged.

The following link contains detailed information on creating a new submission on Devpost.


Once you register for Philly Codefest 2018 you can click the “Enter a submission” button on the home page of the Philly Codefest 2018 Devpost site.



The theme for Philly Codefest 2018, computing for social good, encourages participants to develop novel applications and tools to impact a variety of challenges affecting the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

Your app will be judged based on the following criteria


How does you project address the theme “Computing for Social Good?” And what type of impact will it have on the community?

Innovation and Creativity

How innovative and creative is your app? How much did you develop during the event?

User Experience

Is the app usable in its current state?  How is the user experience?  Does it work?


Science Fair Judging Guidelines

Teams will be judged in a science fair environment.  All teams will stay at their assigned tables and the judges will come to them.  Saturday night or Sunday morning your team will be assigned to a specific table with a number on it.  This number is what the judges will use to identify your hack when they are trying to locate your team and also when they are judging.

Science Fair Judging will take place from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Sunday.

Each team will have a total of 5 minutes in front of the judges.

            3 minutes for presentation/demo

            2 minutes for follow up questions

At the end of the 5 minutes the judges will move on to the next group.  There will be a timer in place so use your time wisely.


Audience Choice Prize

This year we have an Audience choice prize.  The audience will be asked to go into Devpost and review the submissions and vote for their favorite.  Make sure you provide enough information about your hack in your Devpost submission.  Audience members may also view your hack during the science fair as well.  Judges may also use your Devpost submission for additional information about your project.

Sponsor Prizes

There are a number of sponsor prizes this year.  When you create your submission in Devpost make sure you select all of the sponsor prizes you would like to compete for.  Our sponsors will do their own judging and they will be visiting all of the teams who selected their prize in Devpost.  Make sure you select all of the prizes you are competing for.  Sponsor prizes will be announced during the closing ceremony so make sure you stick around for those announcements.

Hackathon Sponsors


$15,100 in prizes

Philly Codefest 2018 Student Team Award

This award will recognize the best student team hack. This award is only eligible to 100% student teams!

Philly Codefest 2018 Collaborative Award

Philly Codefest 2018 Collaborative Award: In the spirit of Philly Codefest’s mission, the Collaborative Award is only open to teams with a mix of students and professional participants. This prize will go to the best overall hack.

Drexel CCI Corporate Partners Program -Philly Codefest 2018 People's Choice Award

This prize is awarded to a hardware or software team/project with the most votes from Philly Codefest attendees. Voting for this award to take place between 3-4pm on Sunday, April 15. You must be present to vote.

Most Likely To Go To Market" Software for Social Impact Award

This prize is awarded to the most innovative, high-impact and scalable software project for social good.

Philly Codefest 2018 Best Hardware Hack

This prize is awarded to the team voted on by judges to have the best hardware hack.

JPMorgan Chase - Best Hack for Social Good

PRIZE: Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers (1 for each member of the winning team).

JUDGING CRITERIA can be picked up at the JPMorgan Chase Sponsorship Table.

Hack on ANY SOCIAL GOOD TOPIC that you are interested in or passionate about. If you do not have a specific idea, you can consider the social good challenges below:

1) DISASTER RELIEF AND RECOVERY: Develop something that can be used to aid cities impacted by natural disasters with relief and recovery. Some areas that you may be interested in include communications, access to resources, infrastructure, and public safety.

2) FINANCIAL CAPABILITY FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: In a 2015 study, 25 percent of university students in the United States gave themselves a D or an F in how successfully they manage their money. Develop a web or mobile app that helps university students improve their financial wellness. It can be any platform but should have a focus on being actionable and relevant.

Cox Automotive - Best Use of Cloud Platform Services

The prize is award to the team with the best use of Cloud Platform Services as part of their solution. They are looking to see these platform service(s) taking a central role in the solution! Winning team members will receive Amazon Echo Shows.

Participants are not limited to AWS, and can use other services such as Lambda, Dynamo, etc.)

Cerner - Block Chain Currency

Create a system with a block chain currency for people to use in a social network for custom group challenges.

Google - Best User Interface

This prize is awarded to the most well-designed, most intuitive, and unique mobile interface that focuses on the user experience. The winning interface should be inclusive - considering all users, such as those with perceptual, motor, and/or cognitive disabilities, as well as age, education/literacy and socio-economic status.

Each member of the winning team will receive a train ticket to visit Google's NYC office for a tour and 1 on 1 Q&A and resume consultation with Google Engineers as well as a Google Home Mini

Linode Innovation Award

To the team with the most innovative hardware or software hack

American Water - Active Shooter/Alert App

Shootings in schools and offices are on the rise. Schools and offices’ generally provide training on how to handle an active shooter, however, at such moment people may go into shock and may forget the training they received. Having an app on hand significantly eases the alert relay for people located on site.

Build an Active Shooter Alert App with Geo Location and Building floor plan with nearby exit info that would help both law enforcement and students/employees in case of such incident.

Prize:Drone Bundle - DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo, Invitation to the 2018 American Water Looking Forward Conference 4/16 & 4/17

American Water - Pipe Restraint Calculator

Restrain or secure high-pressure lines with proven restraint devices and methods to prevent potential “whipping” of these lines should there be an equipment failure. Unrestrained lines have been known to swing freely, striking workers and equipment. Pipe restraint failing and ultimately causing injury to field crew members has been one of the biggest safety concern in the water utility industry.

How can we use Technology to calculate pipe restraint length under different given conditions of pipe size, operating pressure, depth of bury, safety factor etc. and provide water utility field crew the recommended pipe restraint length under these given conditions?

Prize: 3D Printer Bundle - FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer & AIO Robotics Universal Premium Filament, Invitation to the 2018 American Water Looking Forward Conference 4/16 & 4/17

American Water - Fire Hydrant Location App

When responding to a fire, fire departments need to know where the nearest working fire hydrants are. The information they are working from may not be accurate as hydrants can be retired or placed out of service by the water company. In addition, the use of some hydrants may be known to have effects on critical infrastructure such as hospitals or dialysis centers.

Get the most accurate information to responders. Create an application that asks a user for their current location. Use this current location to find the nearest fire hydrant that is in service, display any critical notes that may be available. The Haversine Formula can be used to find the distance between two latitude and longitude values. One could also use the coordinates to create a boundary to exclude a large amount of the area being searched.

Prize: Robotics Bundle - Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit, X2Makeblock DIY mBot Ranger, X2 Makeblock Inventor Kit Robot Arduino Module Kit, X2 Makeblock mBot Ranger Add-on Pack Laser Sword, Invitation to the 2018 American Water Looking Forward Conference 4/16 & 4/17

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Philly Codefest is a 36-hour software and hardware hackathon with a goal of developing innovative solutions to help solve real world challenges. Open to all college students and professionals, Codefest gives everyone the opportunity to grow and learn — no matter your background or skill level.

During Codefest, participants will have the opportunity to interact with technology leaders, mentors and some of the most sought-after companies in the Philadelphia area and tech field at large.

Codefest isn’t just a chance for you to build hacks; it’s also an opportunity for you build relationships within a community. Philly Codefest’s collaborative environment allows teams of all kinds push the boundaries of innovation and take creative risks for a chance to win big prizes. Learn more at www.phillycodefest.com

To register please go to here



Det Ansinn

Det Ansinn
President, BrickSimple LLC

Sean Miller

Sean Miller
Scrum Master, Capital One

Nick Coutts

Nick Coutts
Senior Software Engineer, Capital One

Sean McCloskey

Sean McCloskey
Consultant, Transmogrify

David Frigeri

David Frigeri
Practice Lead Advanced Analytics & Data Visualization, Slalom

Glen Goffin

Glen Goffin
Senior Developer, BrickSimple LLC

Jesse Berdinka

Jesse Berdinka
Chief Creative Officer, BrickSimple LLC

Bill Mongan

Bill Mongan
Teaching Professor, Drexel CCI

Bruce Char

Bruce Char
Professor, Drexel CCI

Ali Shokoufandeh

Ali Shokoufandeh
Professor & Senior Associate Dean of Research & Operations, Drexel CCI

Kiran Desai

Kiran Desai
Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

Karthikeyan Murguesan

Karthikeyan Murguesan
Vice President, JPMorgan Chase

Paul Migasiny

Paul Migasiny
Vice President, JPMorgan Chase

Colin Kerr

Colin Kerr
Software Development Manager, Bentley Systems

Frank Fazio

Frank Fazio
Finance Manager, North America, Sales and Revenue, Elsevier

Abhiroop Das

Abhiroop Das
VP, Cybersecurity and Information Security Audit, Citibank

Tom Heller

Tom Heller
Chief Technologist, DXC Technology

Terry Rupp

Terry Rupp
Chief Technologist, DXC Technology

Chris McCauley

Chris McCauley
Senior Director, Product Management, Cox Automotive/HomeNet

Michael Chu

Michael Chu
Associate Teaching Professor, Drexel CCI

Hamid Bundu

Hamid Bundu
Sr. Software Quality Engineer, Dell Boomi

Srilokh Moram

Srilokh Moram
Technologist, American Water

Brian Mazzanti

Brian Mazzanti
Career Counselor, US Army

Ben Hultquist

Ben Hultquist
Networking Tech/Career Counselor, US Army

Diana Kuritza

Diana Kuritza
Research Analyst, Citibank

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    How does you project address the theme “Computing for Social Good?” And what type of impact will it have on the community?
  • Innovation and Creativity
    How innovative and creative is your app? How much did you develop during the event?
  • User Experience
    Is the app usable in its current state? How is the user experience? Does it work?

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