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almost 3 years ago

FInal Judging Team Locations - IMPORTANT READ ME!!!!

Please review the list below.  The letters and numbers next to your team/project name represent the table you must stand at and present your project at 1PM.  If your team does not have a letter and number next to their name please let me know (by emailing where your team is located as soon as you reviece this. If you do not have an assigned table the Judges will not be able to find you.



Team Letter Number
Fire Hydrant Finder A 1
Travel Time Tweets  - A2 A 2
Out Safe - A4 A 4
Be Ready - Emergency Alert A 6
MediScanRx B 2
HydraView (B5) B 5
Groupify C 3
TuTum - School Shooter Prevention Application C 4
HackCoin C 6
PD Investments  D 1
Gulu D 3
Colorblind D 4
Investisis D 5
Operation Beacon D 6
Diabetes Insurance Guide (E3) E 3
Smart Container LoRaWAN E4 E 4
Safe Travels E 5
Pipe It Up F 2
ChatAssist G 2
MedApp G 4
LiquidityViewer G 6
Bull Horn (h1)  H 1
Where Does It Hurt I 1
TheSpot I 3
OscuNet I 4
new_kid_in_blockchain I 5
Comfy Table-J2 J 2
TaskLet K 4
Can Deux K 5
Budgeteer-K6 K 6
BlocKontribute L 1
Petlo L 2
ServicePoints M 5
M6 - FireHydrantFinder M 6
Business Gamification N 4
H2O N 5
Active Shooter Response (next to Coaches Room) N 6
Learning Environments thru Augmented Reality Networks O 1
sum.pal O 2
handleThePipe O 6
Active Shooter/Emergency Notification System    
American Water    
Chess Stats    
Find My Bike    
Hand Solo    
Micro Loan Pool    
Money for future    
Never Boils    
Shooter Alert    
TIN (pronounced 'ten) "Transpile it Now"  N  3
yellow fire hydrant